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The best translators have been those writers who have composed original works of the same species.

Alexander Fraser Tytler, 1747-1813, in ‘Essay of the Principles of Translation’ (1791)

Rebecca Darby BSc

German Corporate Responsibility Translator
In business since 2008

I provide German <> English translation and proofreading in the fields of Corporate Responsibility, sustainability, consulting, business and finance. My clients include Big-4 audit companies, reporting agencies, and retailers.

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Translator Rebecca Darby

Translator Roderick Darby

Roderick Darby MA BDÜ

21 July 1943 – 5 March 2020

“The crazy thing is, in an age of specialisation, people expect us to be able to do everything…” Jürgen Last, former boss of Deutsche Investment Trust, Frankfurt/Main.
Jürgen Last was my highly-esteemed boss at Dresdner Bank and I have not forgotten his words. As a freelancer I rely on just one specialisation, the translation of German financial texts into English, my mother tongue.
I have been translating such texts, mainly for well-known auditing firms in Germany and the Netherlands (see list of references), since 2001. In addition to the usual audit reports, there are often tax opinions, valuation opinions and contracts to translate.
Although born in England, I am able, if so desired, to take the special features of US American style into account, owing to my good knowledge of the country and my many friends there.

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